Route Optimization Engine
for Your Business.

Vroong Engine learns from drivers' experience provides the most optimized solution to serve your business requirements.

5 Key Features of Vroong Engine

Pattern Mining

Vroong Engine analyzes the driving patterns and applies that knowledge in the next computations.

Easy Integration

Providing RESTful API, Vroong Engine is easily integrated into pre-existing TMS.


New requirements are quickly adopted with our plug-in style design of the system.

Super Fast Computation

Implementing parallel computations, Vroong Engine can solve even more complex problems.

State-of-the-Art Algorithms

Vroong Engine employs the current best known metaheuristics algorithms.

Vroong Engine for More Effective Business.


No installation fee. Just pay as you go.

Time Efficient

Don't spend hours waiting for the solution. Take more orders from your clients and start routing late.

More Orders, Same Cost

Deliver more orders with the same number of drivers.

Best Service Quality

With highly adaptable Vroong Engine, take your customers' feedbacks and resolve them quickly.

We present some of the requirements that were adopted in Vroong Engine to address our client's needs. All these features are customizable and easy to implement.

Balancing Orders for Drivers

One of our customers employed drivers who get paid incentives based on the number of orders processed.

Their requirement was to balance the number of jobs assigned to each driver.


Avoid Routing on Obstructions

Clients can customize and set no-intersection lines that represent mountains, rivers, bridges under construction, or other obstructions.

Vroong Engine will provide the solution that goes around them.


No Overlapping Driver Regions

In an efficient routing solution, we found that the drivers' regions should not overlap each other.


Matching Orders to Drivers' Preference

Drivers have preferred region to deliver products. Matching drivers and orders by their preference, we improve the overall service quality by satisfying not only the drivers but also the customers. In their preferred regions, drivers are familiar with the local area and can better handle orders.


Min Duration Constraint

Time Window Constraint

Min Route Dispersion Constraint

Vehicle Type Constraint

No Route Intersection Constraint

Driver Skill Constraint

Max Job Size Constraint

Single Driver Visiting Constraint

We have more than 50 different constraints designed by logistics experts, and more to come upon your requests.

Automate Your Logistics with Vroong Engine

Deliveries, Sales, Service Companies and Other Smart Businesses

  • Delivery

  • Pick-Up

  • Couriers

  • E-Commerce

  • Home Service

  • Field Service

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